COVID19 Update

Re-opening from Monday, May 18th, 2020.

We will begin to see patients in the order that they were cancelled from Monday May 18th, 2020. Due to social distancing requirements we shall obviously see patients at a much lesser volume.

For everyone's health and wellbeing, we are implementing an all-encompassing back-to-work protocol for safe practice.

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Well done, you have now completed your orthodontic treatment and now have a beautiful smile!

Teeth move throughout life whether one has orthodontic treatment or not. Research has shown this movement happens in everyone. The magnitude of movement is unpredictable. Slight shifting of your teeth following removal of you braces is normal. Retainer wear will minimise movement and help keep that beautiful smile.

Types of Retainers

We will issue you with and upper and lower removable clear retainers on the day you have your braces removed. We will ask you to wear them full time for three months and every night after this indefinitely, yes forever.

You may also get a fixed wire on the back of your lower front teeth, and very occasionally we place a wire on the back of your upper front teeth.

Should you lose or break your retainers please call us and we will make a replacement for you as soon as possible.

** Retainers are included in the cost of your orthodontic treatment however there is a fee for provision of additional retainers.

Permanent Wire Retainers
Removable Retainer

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